‘Imagery exists at the intersection of mind and body. What we see and what we imagine produce the same psychophysiological and behavioural responses.

The internal activation of mental images is a neural equivalent to perceiving external imagery from the environment.

This means that the symbolic encounter with art making can be experienced as real and is then integrated as life affirming change.’ Hass Cohen Findlay

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Art Therapy is a gentle therapeutic encounter for all ages.

It is suited to people who simply wish to get creative and learn more about themselves and how they relate to the world, to those who are struggling with their emotional, mental or physical wellbeing in various forms.

Art Therapy can stimulate new ways of seeing, feeling and thinking, unlocking the ability to meet our full potential and access our individual capacity for healing. The insight gained through creative expression and new perception can provide us with a map to liberation from ill- fitting and painful ways of being.

Some benefits include

Relaxation and stress relief.

Emotional regulation and stable self-hood.

Increased resiliency.

New avenues of expression and communication.

Enhanced neural connectivity and brain function.

Personal insight and empowerment.

Deeper connection to your authentic self.

Improved self-image and social skills.

Art Therapy is a client centred therapeutic modality used to guide self discovery and enable healing through creative expression in a supportive environment.

The creative process of art making provides us with an avenue into the unconscious. It is the bridge that brings the unknown into the known via image and symbol, a language common to us all.  The expressions of the unconscious combined with our creative imaginations can reveal inner meanings, personal truths and pathways to connection and healing.

‘I found Rhiana’s Art Therapy sessions both emotionally and creatively satisfying. It was therapeutic to put pen to paper... I was able to process my journey of becoming a Mother in a way I hadn’t done before. I felt safe and connected to Rhiana and would highly recommend participating in a class.’ Hally Lara.

instagram: @rhiana.jade

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